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Если вы хотите принять участие в жизни нашего клана, или проще-присоединится к нему, просим оставить здесь свои контакты для дальнейшей связи с вами:
1) Ник
2) Акк в Бнете (Должен присутствовать обязательно)
3) Акк в Гарене
4) ICQ
5) В качестве кого хотели бы вступить в клан: Орга, Игрок на лиги или Просто потусить в бнете
6) Родом из какого города
7) Раса

Требования к приёму в клан 64ru: 20 lvl in Bnet + test game, or 15 lvl at + test game.

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EtestywrorsДата: Среда, 10.12.2014, 07:37 | Сообщение # 468
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Всем привет...
Недавно я нашёл замечательный способ купить авто - http://alex-amur.ru/
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Всем пока!
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Помимо борьбы практикую также силовое эротическое доминирование во всех аспектах. Для этого имеется полный набор атрибутики.
Незабываемые впечателения и переживания на всю жизнь.
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When Adele takes the stage at the Hollywood Bowl next Sunday alongside Etta James, it will be a dreamgirl moment. More than her stint at the famed BRIT School, the performing-arts breeding ground that also spawned Amy Winehouse, Adele credits her prodigious talent to the high priestess of soul <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood bracelets</a></strong>, whose albums she listened to religiously in her bedroom as a teen.
Adele has come a long way since her early grunge days. More recently, she has shed kewpie bangs for the side-swept beehive that's now her signature -- "a neat housewifey one, not like Amy Winehouse's," she explains. Her go-to trapeze shapes are yielding to tailored silhouettes.
Despite some to-be-expected snarkiness about it in the blogosphere, Adele's voluptuous figure is working in her favor. If a chance record-store encounter was her fashion awakening, her christening was landing a four-page spread in Vogue for this past May's annual "Shape" issue as the "curvy" icon. Topping that, Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor in chief, dressed her for the Grammys in a custom Barbara Tfank black satin dress belted to show off her waist, with a Stephen Russell 19th-century diamond brooch perched atop her generous decolletage.
Her body is also big, if we're talking fashion-world metrics. I've got this far without looking like Britney Spears. I think I can go a bit further," she says with a satirical bite worthy of Jay McInerney.
Replace the blond weave with a brushed-out beehive and the shimmery dress with a baggy "jumper," as she calls her oversize sweater, and Adele could easily be describing herself: a soul diva for the MySpace generation. Her figure, hair and liquid-lined eyes confer a retro swing that her dressed-down cool simultaneously refutes. When she thrusts out her hand to show off the 16-diamond Tiffany ring she gave herself for her recent 21st birthday, it's clear she's patrolling the border between streetwise girl and glamorous woman.
For her part, Adele says, "Barbara brought out that thing of me wanting to dress up. People my age in the public eye -- a lot of them are, like, sluts." In the July issue of Nylon, she parades her newfound look: black, waist-defining dress with three-quarter length sleeves and knee-skimming skirt, black tights, vertiginous heels.
But style, not song, first hooked Adele (born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins). At 13 <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood brooches</a></strong>, she spotted an Etta James CD in a bargain bin at the HMV store in her native London. She had never heard of James but was instantly smitten. "Her blond weave and her catty eyes and her curves and her tight gold shimmery dresses, and just that attitude in her face and figure -- I was like, 'Oh my God <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood cufflinks</a></strong>, to die!' "
Lounging in the courtyard of the Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan, a far cry from her South London roots, Adele sips an espresso and drags on a Marlboro Light, exhibiting a poise that belies her years -- more Beyonce than Britney. That outsized confidence is matched by outsized features: down-pillow lips, gem-green eyes, flame-red mane, rosebud complexion, heart-shaped dimpled chin. She exaggerates nature with plenty of nurture. "Oh, I love looking like a drag queen," she gushes. "Hair back-combed beyond belief, eyelashes galore, heavy contour. And I love my big, square, ghetto nails."
锘縏he singer has moved into the fashion spotlight
"When she walked into my studio, she reminded me of Lynn Redgrave in 'Georgy Girl,' " says Tfank, a Los Angeles designer who is creating Adele's outfit for the Hollywood Bowl. Tfank saw a '50s Hollywood siren waiting to be tapped. "She needs to show her body, not hide her body," the designer says. "She is more like Marilyn Monroe, who said, 'This is who I am.' "
Adele walked away from the night with two Grammys, and the event also placed her irretrievably in the fashion spotlight. Which is not entirely where she wants to be. "I'd much rather dress comfortable than become a trendsetter. I'd much rather be like this," she says, gesturing at today's outfit: a striped H baggy sweater over black American Apparel leggings, ankles peeking out of Chanel ballerina flats.
"I'm not that fussed about fashion," she says bluntly. But she's hardly ascetic. She raids the racks of Topshop, H and American Apparel for basics. She names Donna Karan, Moschino and Vivienne Westwood as beloved designers. Her London apartment is too tiny to accommodate her shoe and bag addiction -- Louis Vuitton, Gucci, tons of Manolo Blahnik and Chanel -- so she keeps stuff in storage at her dad's place. "I get bored of things after two months," she says. Yet she has an adult savvy about investment pieces, like her seven Chanel bags. "They'll be nice to have when I'm older," she says. "My favorite Chanel <a>navy quilted-lambskin purse] I could probably still buy in 30 years."Siren in waiting

Добавлено (24.12.2014, 04:32)
In Pictures:
Harrods and Printemps
Tech toys for travelers
Gifts for the traveler
锘縏op luxury sales in the world
January is also a key sale month for shoppers in London and Paris as two of the world's top stores--Harrods and Printemps--roll out the deep discounts. Harrods cuts prices on everything--from high-end couture to the ready-to-wear collections--up to 50 per cent. This is also a great time to hit housewares, electronics and accessories. It's a similar story at Printemps in Paris which sweetens things even more, offering an extra 10 per centoff for tourists.
Likewise, sales associates at Off 5th, the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store, will give card holders a call to take a sneak peak of discounted merchandise prior to sales in late January/early February and August. If you had your eye on a Prada coat, a D sweater or Zegna suit that never seemed to go on sale at Saks, more than likely Off 5th will have it or will call other locations to see if it is there.
Top shops of 2006
To start your year off on a savvy shopping note <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood brooches</a></strong>, hit one of the most famous retail sales in this country--the Neiman Marcus Final Call. While the dates are never pre-publicized, shoppers in the know can assume it happens in January to move the winter merchandise, and again in July to move the summer product. What will you find? Top brands ranging from Chanel and Tocca to Brioni and Lacoste for men.
In Pictures:
Still, finding them is not as easy as it seems. To succeed, you need to shop like a professional. We're here to help--by compiling a list of the world's most anticipated sales and some tips on how to make the most of them.
Final Call
Off 5th
One of Los Angeles' most anticipated January sales happens at the high-end boutique Ron Herman. Housing brands like Pucci, Chloe, M for Missoni, and Phillip Lim 3.1., the sale runs and lasts two weeks, with items discounted between 50 per centand 65 per cent. Simon Doonan, the company's creative director, suggests shopping during off hours, using the bags that are handed to you upon arrival and hanging on to merchandise until you are sure you don't want it.
"We never disclose when exactly the sale happens--not even to our In Circle (Neiman Marcus' version of VIP) clients <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood cufflinks</a></strong>," says Ginger Reeder, a spokeswoman for Neiman Marcus. "But those that have personal relationships with sales associates will sometimes get a call that the sale will be happening soon and will hold merchandise for you. That's the only way to know before anyone else."
Also check out the Hong Kong Shopping Festival, happening throughout the summer months. Visitors can take advantage of discounted prices for custom made shirts and suits, in addition to large sales in specialty stores like Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci.
World's largest malls
While spring and summer are not usual months for major retail sales, San Francisco hosts one of the largest sample sales for premium denim in March, called the "Warehouse Sale," with brands like Seven for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity discounted below wholesale. In Montevarchi, Italy, the Prada outlet called "Space" hits its sample-sale peak during the summer months, with shipments of shoes, belts, shirts and suits coming in daily all at prices worth the hour drive out of Florence.
Great tips, all. But Budget Fashionista's Finney warns against getting carried away. "It's only a deal when you are really going to wear your items," she says. "Buying forty t-shirts with bold graphics on them for five dollars each makes sense if you think you are going to get a long run out of them, but don't get them if you think you are never going to wear them. Spend the money and get something a little more expensive like a Burberry coat if you think you are going to get some wear out of it."
The most adventurous destinations
In Pictures:
The world's ten best sales
Forget impulse buying. When it comes to the sport of shopping, the name of the game is sales. "A couple of years ago, you were seeing rock-bottom prices on Vivienne Westwood pieces in places like TJ Maxx." As a result, she says <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood bracelets</a></strong>, retailers are being forced to match these kinds of deals.
Ron Herman

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the most fully done gift of san quentin quail
newfangled links !!!
DarrellKnДата: Суббота, 27.12.2014, 08:18 | Сообщение # 476
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"I appreciate her use of texture and textiles and her ability to mix the feminine and the earthy. And the way she puts clothes together, the fact that she's a stylist, is a great bonus," says the former model, who has practiced yoga for 20 years and created the Nuala line in 2000.
The collaboration came about when Turlington became acquainted with Berliner's clothes during a photo shoot.
The idea first came to her a year and a half ago. "I asked the people at Target if I could create a line and make the bull's eye cool," she says. They agreed, and the symbol appears on the back pocket of jeans, the side of a crystal-encrusted minaudiere, and encircling a skull and crossbones on printed T-shirts.
Last week, the two celebrated their first collection, which lands in Satine and other stores this August, with a tea party at the home of Amanda Goldberg, daughter of film and TV producer Leonard Goldberg.
Sarah Blakely, the genius who invented those Spanx footless pantyhose that can disguise a month's worth of caramel frappuccinos, has also climbed aboard the Target train with Assets <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood brooches</a></strong>, an affordable line of body shapers. boutique Intuition, is putting her own spin on the phenomenon by bringing the cachet of "Tarzhay" to her well-heeled customers. Working with a handful of designers such as Raw 7 Cashmere, Lizzie Scheck Jewelry <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood cufflinks</a></strong>, J Co. A launch party will be held the night before at Social Hollywood, with DJ Jake Hoffman (son of Dustin).
Meanwhile, business is booming at Intuition, which along with Kitson helped usher in the era of celebrity-driven fashion trends, fueled by paparazzo photos and weekly style magazines. So much so that Hersh is expanding into a neighboring space.
The line also includes "interpretations of the latest 'it' bags," as Hersh calls them, including a slouchy padlocked purse with a bull's-eye charm that bears more than a passing resemblance to a Chloe Paddington bag and a canvas tote stamped "Target Couture" reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton Antigua line.
"It's all about having a sense of humor," she says. "That's really what my niche is."
"We used to be a local destination and we could tell when it was spring break," she says. "Now, when the locals are away, we are inundated with tourists from all over the world."
There appears to be no end to the high-low trend in fashion, with Nine West rolling out affordable collections of clothing and accessories designed by Vivienne Westwood, Thakoon and Sophia Kokosalaki this fall, and Target launching clothing from Paris designer Tara Jarmon next month <strong><a href="http://www.vivianzhzy.uk">vivienne westwood bracelets</a></strong>, the second in the store's Go International series following Luella Bartley.
锘縋utting a new spin on bull's eye
"Everyone shops at Target and wears Isaac Mizrahi and Mossimo. I've even gone and bought the Luella stuff," Hersh says. "This line is an extension of that."
Los Angeles designer and stylist Magda Berliner has a new role at the helm of Christy Turlington's Nuala yoga apparel line for Puma.
For The Record Los Angeles Times Saturday April 29, 2006 Home Edition Main News Part A Page 2 National Desk 0 inches; 28 words Type of Material: Correction Hoffman's son: In the Style Notes article in some copies of today's Calendar, the first name of Dustin Hoffman's DJ son, Jake Hoffman, was incorrectly given as Justin.
The collection ($35 to $250) is full of great-looking pieces, even if you are not a yogi. Berliner, known for her use of unusual vintage textiles, especially in pieced-together lace dresses, was able to incorporate more than one of her design signatures into the sportswear line. A V-neck black bamboo Lycra jersey dress has lace insets, while a convertible jacket in an over-washed plum wool comes in one of Berliner's favorite kimono shapes and can be worn two ways. Full-cut "yogi" pants have a roll-down waist, and Berliner's version of the mandarin tunic top has a raw-edged collar.
Hersh is treading on familiar territory. distributor.
Turlington's duds for downward-dog

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ThomasslДата: Среда, 31.12.2014, 01:24 | Сообщение # 477
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Добавлено (28.12.2014, 20:21)
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Добавлено (31.12.2014, 01:24)
More>>G Twenty frontrunners complete details of expansion planWorld frontrunners on Weekend happy to relieve details of a strategy directed at <a href=http://www.thecomicbookshop.com/images/1/michael-kors-sale-bags--@-15er.htm>michael kors sale bags</a> injecting <a href=http://www.thecomicbookshop.com/images/1/michael-kors-bags-on-sale-_+-65cg.htm>michael kors bags on sale</a> living into the entire world listless economic system, with infrastructure expense and also the lowering of buy and sell limitations flagged <a href=http://www.thecomicbookshop.com/images/1/michael-kors-clearance-@~-35gt.htm>michael kors clearance</a> since important the different parts of. More>>Obamacare 'stupidity'? Brand new electricity for repeal pushNewly come up videos are generally adding fresh new <a href=http://www.thecomicbookshop.com/images/1/michael-kors-bags-~@-13ka.htm>michael kors bags</a> power to the endeavours of congressional conservatives for you to repeal The president health care legislation, feeding into their contentions the overhaul was approved by having a. More>>A take a look at Ebola treatment in the united states simply by numbersWhen Generate.

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DarrellKnДата: Среда, 31.12.2014, 11:37 | Сообщение # 478
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Now the boss of the team is Daniel Snyder, and it is considered as the second valuable team of NFL. According to Forbes magazine reported, The Washington Redskins team is the second valuable team inside the NFL, the market value is about one billion five hundred and thirty-eight million dollars. Additionally, they in eight successive years broke the single season attendance records of the NFL.
In 1937, the team transferred to Washington team, and then adjusted the name of the Washington Redskins. That year strong><a href="http://www.zonjchgxtrs.uk">cheap nfl jerseys</a></strong>, the team responded to their slogan "pay respect to the Redskins" and won the NFL championship for the first time.
锘縏he brief introduction of The Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins is one of the old and strong teams within the history of NFL. It was established in 1932 in Boston, formerly called the Boston Brave Team, and at that time the boss of the team was George Preston Marshall.
The Redskins is among the only two NFL teams that have official band. At the same time, it also is the first team that has team song --"cheer for The Redskins".
Redskins had ever five times access into the super bowl final, won the 1982 season 17th, the 1987 season the 22nd and the 1991 season the 26th super bowl. The Redskins had won 5 times inside the eleven games compete for NFL championship <strong><a href="http://www.tastevinbh.com">cheap nfl jerseys</a></strong>, such as the 3 times within the 5 time within the super bowl. Four with the five times compete for the super bowl finals are led by the Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs.
The next year, Marshall relocated the team from the Boston Brave baseball team house brave stadium to the Boston red sox baseball team residence Fenway stadium. In order to vary from Boston brave baseball team <strong><a href="http://www.smsnaplo.com">cheap nfl jerseys</a></strong>, he transformed the team name to the Boston Red. It is said that Marshall named the team Redskins just in order to show respect to the Indian coach.
inetryconydotДата: Четверг, 01.01.2015, 14:27 | Сообщение # 479
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CurtisRiltДата: Среда, 07.01.2015, 01:07 | Сообщение # 480
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